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Delivers building blocks for direct control and p2p settlement without intermediaries. Your keys, your coins. An open-source wallet with a built-in swap market where swaps are settled p2p with delivery versus payment taking place directly between counterparties.

Legal Structure

SideSwap Ltd is incorporated in the Seychelles. It has 9 500 000 shares on issue. SSWP Partners AB, a Swedish Private Limited Company, was setup as a SPV to hold 4 500 000 SideSwap Ltd shares. For each share held, one SSWP series B share was issued and tokenized

Issuance Summary

SSWP Partners AB (559367-2826)
Company website
Total float
9 500 000 shares
Tokenized float
4 500 000 shares


Legal Note

SideSwap timeline (approx.)

Started exploring Liquid in Nov 2020.
Mar 2021. Mobile wallet launch, including instant swap and peg-in.
Jun 2021. Peg-out functionality.
Sept 2021. Public order books allowing for p2p trades.
Jan 2022. AMP assets. 2-of-2 wallet, including swaps.
May 2022. Desktop wallet.
July 2022. Tokenized share registry.
Sept 2022. Two-step offline swaps.
Q4 2022. Jade integration.