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Delivers building blocks for direct control and p2p settlement without intermediaries. Your keys, your coins. An open-source wallet with a built-in swap market where swaps are settled p2p with delivery versus payment taking place directly between counterparties.

Legal Structure

SideSwap Ltd is incorporated in the Seychelles. It has 10 000 000 shares on issue. SSWP Partners AB, a Swedish Private Limited Company, was setup as a SPV to hold 5 000 000 SideSwap Ltd shares. For each share held, one SSWP series B share was issued and tokenized

Issuance Summary

SSWP Partners AB (559367-2826)
Company website
Total float
10 000 000 shares
Tokenized float
5 000 000 shares


Legal Note

SideSwap timeline (approx.)

Started exploring Liquid in Nov 2020.
Mar 2021. Mobile wallet launch, including instant swap and peg-in.
Jun 2021. Peg-out functionality.
Sept 2021. Public order books allowing for p2p trades.
Jan 2022. AMP assets. 2-of-2 wallet, including swaps.
May 2022. Desktop wallet.
July 2022. Tokenized share registry.
Sept 2022. Two-step offline swaps.
Q4 2022. Jade integration.